Disha – Celebrating 10 years of supporting The Alfred

Disha – Celebrating 10 years of supporting The Alfred Photo

Monday 20 Mar 2017

Disha has always wanted to change the world of cancer for future generations, whilst continuing to make a meaningful difference for people living with cancer every single day.

In 2017 Disha held an event to celebrate 10 years of raising funds for hospitals where patients living with cancer are treated. Every Disha event has been associated with a story from their community, friends, family and loved ones who have been affected one way or the other. This year was no exception, with the group raising money to support those fighting blood cancers after one of their own was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

Thanks to the generosity of those in attendance, as well as some who heard the cry for support from a little farther afield, a number of important items of medical equipment were purchased. This included seven portable IV stands, two temporal artery thermometers, four falls matt alarms sensors and six wheelchairs.

Drawing on her own experience, Disha founder Tara Chandramouli explains the importance of one of these items – a wheelchair:

“I used to see a wheelchair as an innocuous, insignificant item. I always associated it with airports where ‘unhealthy’ people were moved around. I did not even think of it in any other way. You would say, ‘a wheelchair is a wheelchair’, but that’s not true. I shall never underestimate its importance to a person who has been trapped within the four walls of their hospital room while battling cancer. That wheelchair is the vehicle to his or her independence, it is light from darkness, it is being able to get out of the confines of their room, feel the sunshine on their face and smell the flowers, it is a kind of freedom which many may not be able to comprehend or understand, for which most may take for granted.

“Something as simple as ensuring that these hospitals have enough wheelchairs for cancer patients can make a difference and that is what we intend to do.”

Cancer begins and ends with people. In the midst of all science, the appointments, and the medication, it is sometimes possible to forget one fact – hospitals are not just treating diseases, they are treating people. We hope that, thanks to Disha, people with cancer know that they are not alone, that somewhere out there others are thinking of them and doing their bit to aid in their treatment and care.

We cannot begin to express our gratitude for the 10 years of care, compassion and support given to The Alfred by Disha and their wonderful network of family and friends.

Thank you Disha, it is through your support that The Alfred can continue to provide the best care to ourcommunity.