Hospital Life WINTER 2016

Friday 22 Jul 2016

HL winter2016

In this issue of Hospital Life we provide a snapshot of stories from around the hospital, including news of past patients, profiles of leading clinicians, and some of the latest research updates.

We share the inspiring story of 22-year-old Rochelle Gengaroli, who recently overcame Acute Myeloid Leukaemia after receiving treatment at The Alfred. Rochelle’s positive approach to life shines through as she explains how her battle with cancer inspired her to pursue a career in nursing.

In another piece, we profile the work of Professor Wendy Brown. Recently appointed as The Alfred’s Chair of the Department of Surgery, Prof Brown talks about what she finds most rewarding about the new position.

The Alfred’s role as a leader across local and global health fields is also on display through two articles examining the research endeavours of hospital staff.

This issue also features a couple of articles providing practical, take-home tips to help improve your health. Not only does our regular health expert Dr Marco Bonollo offer his advice on how to stay healthy during the winter months, but two Alfred dietitians recommend a few simple ways that we can all improve the quality of our diets.

The great work undertaken by The Alfred is quite often a direct reflection of the dedicated support that we receive from our donors. For this reason, we would like to thank you all again for your continued generosity.

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