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Your gift helps fund the purchase of additional equipment for our Trauma Service.


Annie was airlifted to The Alfred, her life hanging in the balance, following a devastating car accident. It took many long hours but, thanks to her emergency medical team, she pulled through.
The fact that Annie survived is testament to the skill and expertise of her dedicated Alfred clinicians. And, of course, to the specialist equipment standing ready – some of which is funded by people like you.

 Annie Sharon appeal page

Photo: Annie today with her mother, Sharon.

Please DONATE TODAY to help us purchase additional state-of-the art equipment to help save even more critically ill or injured patients, like Annie.

Equipment like ultrasound machines, which our staff use to see inside the body. In cases like Annie’s, where there is a large amount of internal bleeding, it is crucial to find the source of the bleeding and also to quickly find a vein to start life-saving interventions. The addition of a state-of-the-art portable ultrasound will help our dedicated trauma staff where delays of even a few minutes are critical – the best equipment can mean the crucial difference between life and death.

Your gift could also go towards an additional bronchoscope which would enable our doctors to examine and treat a patient’s lungs and airways.

You could also be helping fund a neurosurgical patient monitor to help doctors and nurses monitor the vital signs of patients who have suffered a serious head injury. Round-the-clock monitoring is critical in these cases – a quick response to any change in condition could make an enormous difference to a patient’s chance of recovery.

Most people never dream they’ll need The Alfred’s world-class Trauma Service. But the sad truth is that accidents happen – and when they do, they can happen to any one of us. Please make a life-saving donation today.