Be part of The Alfred’s next evolution of patient-centred care

Connected Continuous Care

Be part of The Alfred’s next evolution of patient-centred care

The Alfred has always been at the forefront of patient care thanks to you and wonderful supporters like you. 

But today we need your help more than ever to take patient care to the next level.

In our biggest operation yet, The Alfred is planning to harness the speed of digital technology to introduce a new clinical system that will provide our doctors and nurses with the information they need, when they need it. A key part of this upgrade is the purchase of new connected ECG Monitors, Vital Signs Monitors and upgraded ‘Computers on Wheels’, which are part of the next evolution of healthcare.

chris 2Recently I spoke with Dr Chris Mason from The Alfred’s Intensive Care Unit, who is passionate about this new system, saying it will take patient care to a whole new level. He told me:

“The benefits to patients will be extraordinary. Currently in the ICU, every detail of a patient’s progress is rigorously recorded by hand on a huge paper chart. We have to come to the chart to update it or review the patient’s progress.

“But with the new system, a patient’s whole hospital stay is right there for us to analyse on a digital device when we need it.”

By donating today, you will be helping The Alfred provide even better care for patients right at the bedside. Your gift will be helping patients in critical care areas such as our Emergency Department, Trauma Centre and Intensive Care Unit. Patients like Anne.

Enjoying an active life in her 70s, Anne and her partner Liam were at the supermarket for Christmas shopping when things took a frightening turn.

Anne Singh EMR campaign 008Anne remembers how indignant she felt when Liam pointed out she was dragging her foot as she pushed the trolley:

“Liam looked at me and he said, ‘What's wrong with you?’ I said, ‘Nothing.’ He said, ‘You're dragging your left foot.’ And then he looked at me and said, ‘You're having a stroke.’ I said, ‘No, I'm not.’ But then he said, ‘Your face has dropped on the left side.’”

An ambulance was quickly called, and Liam and Anne suddenly found themselves heading to the Emergency and Trauma Centre at The Alfred:

“By this time I was beginning to feel quite afraid, as you could imagine. The ambulance paramedic started to ask me questions… I could feel my voice was slurring with each of the requests.”

While Anne was clearly unwell, she was fortunate to have Liam at her side to help her communicate with medical staff as her treatment took her to various areas of the hospital. She understands only too well how an upgraded system at The Alfred would help so many patients who were not as fortunate as her:

“For somebody who doesn’t have a partner like Liam at their side, a digital system like the one they're proposing at The Alfred must be doubly reassuring to somebody who can't keep track of their own well-being as such.”

Anne Singh 2During their stay at The Alfred, many patients, like Anne, move through various areas of the hospital and talk with many different staff members. And family and friends often need to be kept up-to-date, too.

There are so many people involved in a patient’s care who are concerned for their welfare. The upgrade to a fully integrated digital system will mean a patient’s full medical record will always be available to the clinicians caring for them throughout their health journey. Everyone can help at the same time from anywhere in the hospital, and this will take patient care to a whole new level.

Thanks to your support, thousands of patients – just like Anne – will benefit. Please support The Alfred today.